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Pro Power Bench
My new 2 piece Pro Power Bench is the ultimate Powerlifting Bench Press. Built to AAU Powerlifting Specifications, this unit is top quality, components used, and craftsmanship. Features include premium grade 3" x 3" and 2" x 4" Heavy Wall Tubing, a 16" x 32" spotter's platform,  bar-catchers made from heavy gauge 3/8" steel. Bar Catches are lined with UHMW, a high tech composite material that will keep both the Bench and your expensive Powerlifting Bar looking new by totally eliminating steel to steel contact. Don't be fooled by other manufacturers offering "chrome" as some sort of benefit. Steel on steel contact will destroy your bar over time and the chrome will disappear as well. The ultra-dense dual density padded 48" long bench, Pictured here is a AAU Regulated  12" wide pad. Our foam padding is very high tech, complete with built in memory. Others may use "rebond" which is basically carpet padding. Rebond will break down over time and offer little protection on heavy lifts. 

This Bench is Built by Wilder Fitness for TheBenchPress.com Only, It is the Finest Competition Bench Press of it's kind on the market today!!!

Wilder Fitness Equipment is Custom built to order please allow 5-7 weeks to ship
from the warehouse in Mississippi.

Choose both the frame and upholstery color. Custom frame and upholstery colors available for NO extra charge!








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NOTE: Wilder Fitness Equipment is Custom Built Per Order!

Please Allow 8-12 Business Weeks to Ship from Warehouse in Mississippi.


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